With Mind Optimum, we go one step further than Food Optimum. Mind Optimum is an 8-session program for when you want more control over your eating behaviour such as the portions you eat, what you eat and even how you eat. We also focus on a better relationship with food and addressing eating and drinking habits like Food Optimum. A more positive way of thinking and self-image will also be the focus of this track.

Main Focus:

  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Mindful eating

In Addition:

  • Nutritional and lifestyle analysis
  • Food diary
  • Nutrition plan
  • Recipe list

For whom? You have...

  • A tendency to eat more than what was initially on your plate

  • A tendency to cravings such as keep thinking about that chocolate bar after a stressful day

  • A tendency to eat when stressed or emotional

  • A tendency to judge your body based on what others or society says

  • A motivation to have a more mindful and calm state of mind

  • A motivation to have a balanced body image and eating habits.


8 session

  • 1 Intake session (40')
  • 7 follow-up sessions (30')
  • extra: 1 follow-up telephone call (15')

  • During 16 weeks
  • Individual sessions, with 2 or in group
  • Online or in person
  • Price 300  or less than 40 €/session (possible payement plan)

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